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What will I get with a premium subscription?

In addition to free questions / articles, you will have access to exclusive premium questions / articles as well. You will also be able to group questions by company, and practice mock interviews targeting a specific company.

What are the premium articles? Is there a sample I can look at?

Some of the articles are reserved for premium subscribers only. You can take a look at this free sample article here. Please note that we are adding more articles so please check back frequently.

How does grouping questions by company work?

We compile the list of questions asked by specific companies based on data from user surveys: "Have you met this question in a real interview?". These lists will be kept up to date frequently with the ever growing survey data. You can find the list of companies in the problem list page, just bellow the Tag lists.

What about all the existing questions?

You will continue to have access to it all, it isn't going anywhere.

I clicked the subscribe button, fill in the credit card information and clicked "Add Payment Method". I still can't access the exclusive problems.

You may access My Subscription page to confirm your subscription. Please check your billing history to make sure the transaction went through. If it shows no new transaction, it means your card was probably declined. Please try subscribe again using another debit/credit card or contact your bank to inquire for more information. If you still encounter problems, contact us.

I purchased the Complete Edition about two months ago mainly because I want to have access to locked problems and would love to support Leetcode. Feel a little surprised that doesn't cover all locked questions?

The Complete Edition only covers the 10 exclusive questions from the eBook and had been deprecated in favor of the new premium subscription. To thank your support, we would like to offer you one month of premium subscription for free. Please contact with your order receipt number and we will activate your premium subscription immediately.

What if I sign up and want to cancel?

You can cancel your subscription at any time here. After cancellation your subscription will remain active until the current time period is finished.

What are the premium questions?   Show

Here is the current up to date premium question list, more is coming...

  1. Add Bold Tag in String
  2. Design Compressed String Iterator
  3. Biggest Single Number
  4. Students Report By Geography
  5. Average Salary: Departments VS Company
  6. Second Degree Follower
  7. Shortest Distance in a Line
  8. Shortest Distance in a Plane
  9. Triangle Judgement
  10. Tree Node
  11. Sales Person
  12. Consecutive Available Seats
  13. Friend Requests II: Who Has the Most Friends
  14. Design In-Memory File System
  15. Friend Requests I: Overall Acceptance Rate
  16. Kill Process
  17. Customer Placing the Largest Number of Orders
  18. Investments in 2016
  19. Find Customer Referee
  20. Count Student Number in Departments
  21. Find Cumulative Salary of an Employee
  22. Get Highest Answer Rate Question
  23. Squirrel Simulation
  24. Employee Bonus
  25. Winning Candidate
  26. Maximum Vacation Days
  27. Find Median Given Frequency of Numbers
  28. Managers with at Least 5 Direct Reports
  29. Median Employee Salary
  30. Longest Line of Consecutive One in Matrix
  31. Split Concatenated Strings
  32. Binary Tree Longest Consecutive Sequence II
  33. Split Array with Equal Sum
  34. Boundary of Binary Tree
  35. Output Contest Matches
  36. Construct Binary Tree from String
  37. Lonely Pixel II
  38. Lonely Pixel I
  39. Word Abbreviation
  40. The Maze II
  41. The Maze III
  42. The Maze
  43. Max Consecutive Ones II
  44. Find Permutation
  45. Encode String with Shortest Length
  46. Convex Polygon
  47. Optimal Account Balancing
  48. Sequence Reconstruction
  49. Ternary Expression Parser
  50. Word Squares
  51. Valid Word Square
  52. Sentence Screen Fitting
  53. Minimum Unique Word Abbreviation
  54. Valid Word Abbreviation
  55. Design Phone Directory
  56. Range Addition
  57. Plus One Linked List
  58. Find Leaves of Binary Tree
  59. Nested List Weight Sum II
  60. Design Hit Counter
  61. Bomb Enemy
  62. Sort Transformed Array
  63. Logger Rate Limiter
  64. Rearrange String k Distance Apart
  65. Line Reflection
  66. Design Snake Game
  67. Android Unlock Patterns
  68. Design Tic-Tac-Toe
  69. Moving Average from Data Stream
  70. Longest Substring with At Most K Distinct Characters
  71. Nested List Weight Sum
  72. Largest BST Subtree
  73. Maximum Size Subarray Sum Equals k
  74. Number of Connected Components in an Undirected Graph
  75. Generalized Abbreviation
  76. Shortest Distance from All Buildings
  77. Binary Tree Vertical Order Traversal
  78. Sparse Matrix Multiplication
  79. Range Sum Query 2D - Mutable
  80. Number of Islands II
  81. Smallest Rectangle Enclosing Black Pixels
  82. Binary Tree Longest Consecutive Sequence
  83. Best Meeting Point
  84. Flip Game II
  85. Flip Game
  86. Word Pattern II
  87. Unique Word Abbreviation
  88. Walls and Gates
  89. Inorder Successor in BST
  90. Zigzag Iterator
  91. Wiggle Sort
  92. Find the Celebrity
  93. Paint Fence
  94. Closest Binary Search Tree Value II
  95. Encode and Decode Strings
  96. Closest Binary Search Tree Value
  97. Alien Dictionary
  98. Palindrome Permutation II
  99. Palindrome Permutation
  100. Paint House II
  101. Graph Valid Tree
  102. 3Sum Smaller
  103. Paint House
  104. Verify Preorder Sequence in Binary Search Tree
  105. Factor Combinations
  106. Meeting Rooms II
  107. Meeting Rooms
  108. Flatten 2D Vector
  109. Count Univalue Subtrees
  110. Group Shifted Strings
  111. Strobogrammatic Number III
  112. Strobogrammatic Number II
  113. Strobogrammatic Number
  114. Shortest Word Distance III
  115. Shortest Word Distance II
  116. Shortest Word Distance
  117. Reverse Words in a String II
  118. Two Sum III - Data structure design
  119. Missing Ranges
  120. One Edit Distance
  121. Longest Substring with At Most Two Distinct Characters
  122. Read N Characters Given Read4 II - Call multiple times
  123. Read N Characters Given Read4
  124. Binary Tree Upside Down

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