Bring LeetCode to Your School
Save 38% off on our Yearly Subscription!
Gather 50 or more schoolmates to get LeetCode Premium annually for a continued lifetime at only $99!
Price Comparison
prices are marked in USD
Premium subscription with student discount
Yearly subscription at $99
Saves over 37%, $60 in total
Premium subscription at regular price
Annually premium at $159
How does it work? Just follow these simple steps!
Register your account under your school email address.
Pay $99 upon registration to enter this event (premium subscription will not be activated yet.)
Gather 50 people from your school to register! Use your referral code to share the event and win the swags.
Patiently wait for people to register - keep checking the progress bar!
After 50 people have registered, your premium subscription will be activated.
If you didn’t reach 50 people before the end of the event, you’ll get $99 full refund.
All users who have a school email are able to register and purchase the premium at the discounted price before the deadline. So spread the word, act fast, and become the next software engineer at your dream job!
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