Approach 1: Maintain Sorted Positions


We'll maintain ExamRoom.students, a sorted list (or TreeSet in Java) of positions the students are currently seated in.


The ExamRoom.leave(p) operation is clear - we will just list.remove (or TreeSet.remove) the student from ExamRoom.students.

Let's focus on the : int operation. For each pair of adjacent students i and j, the maximum distance to the closest student is d = (j - i) / 2, achieved in the left-most seat i + d. Otherwise, we could also sit in the left-most seat, or the right-most seat.

Finally, we should handle the case when there are no students separately.

For more details, please review the comments made in the implementations.

Complexity Analysis

  • Time Complexity: Each seat operation is , (where is the number of students sitting), as we iterate through every student. Each leave operation is ( in Java).

  • Space Complexity: , the space used to store the positions of each student sitting.

Analysis written by: @awice.